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'Phatbot' man linked with Half-Life 2 leak

Reports from Germany link virus creator with source theft

On the same day as an eighteen year-old German lad was arrested for having created the Sasser virus - so another German, a twenty-one year-old programmer from Schoenau, was also seized by police under suspicion of having created the Phatbot Trojan. The man was released on bail after one week, and the arrest came as a result of information provided by the US authorities.

Now a new report proclaims to have established links between the Phatbot creator, believed to be known under the alias Axel G, with the theft of the Half-Life 2 code from Valve last year. Heise.de's investigative journalism allegedly dug up the following IRC log from a Half-Life 2 leak-related page, including the following comment from 'Ago', another alias for Axel G, the Phatbot instigator:

"[Download speed] suxx, especially from valve to germany... i coded myself my own sourcesafe client to get it at full speed... i only used a simple null-session to a pc in valves net, that wasnt directly controlled by valve."

Whether the links between these activities, carried out under various names at various times can be affirmed conclusively is anyone's guess at this stage, but regardless of the truth behind these claims it is interesting to receive such an insight into the world of cyber crime.

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