Codemasters planning to ease F1 series onto next gen consoles

No DLC planned for F1 2013

Codemasters has been talking about why they chose not to bring this year's F1 2013 to the next-gen consoles.

Game director Paul Jeal revealed that, aside from the fact that the Formula One season will be all but over when the next-gen consoles arrives, they wanted to make sure that they brought the F1 franchise to PS4 and Xbox One properly and part of that means no DLC for F1 2013.

"Anything that we would do as DLC then couldn't be used in 2014,“ Jeal explained, “so [extra content in F1 2013 is] probably not something that we're going to look at. The amount of technical infrastructure that we need to do as a company and we're choosing to do to get ourselves properly set up for next-gen... One of the guys was talking earlier about, are the games jumping to get 60 frames per second on next-gen? I think we would definitely be in that situation if we were trying to make the leap onto next-gen this year." Codemasters planning to ease F1 series onto next gen consoles

Harking back to the decision to release F1 2009 on Wii instead of Xbox 360 and PS3 Jeal went on, "That was a difficult decision back at the time to convince the finance people at the company that actually, I know you're paying money for this licence, but we're not going to do a game this year. We're going to do it next year. But the game will more than make up for it. That game, when it came out, won a BAFTA, sold more than any F1 game has ever done before. The decision was fully justified. It was an easy decision this time to say, let's do the same again and let's make really sure that it's more than what people are just typically expecting, which ironically is what this year is as well, waiting to get that announcement [of F1 2013] to take forever."

F1 2013 is out now on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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