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Company Of Heroes 2 closed beta details announced

First phase open to pre-orderers only

SEGA has announced details of the forthcoming closed beta sessions for Company Of Heroes 2.

The closed beta will finally give Company Of Heroes fans the chance to get their hands on the new game that has been delayed due to the collapse of the series' original publisher THQ.

The closed beta will test the one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three and four-on-four multiplayer as well as the ability to play alone or co-operatively against the AI. The beta will open up the first 40 levels of progression and use of the new Army Customiser which has been designed to offer player the chance customise their loadouts to suit their play style.

The first round of the closed beta begins on April the 2nd and will be open exclusively to those that have pre-ordered the game with the second phase being opened up to a wider audience.

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