Veterans from Crystal Dynamics and Visceral open up Space Dust Studios

First project already under way

Former members of such illustrious studios as EA Visceral, Crystal Dynamics, Criterion and Atari are setting up shop in Melbourne, Australia.

Space Dust Studios is an independent studio that is aiming to bring triple-A experience and production values to their games.

Their first game is already in development with a core team of 5 senior developers and is expected to take around 18 months to complete.

A letter to the Australian Interactive Games Fund from Space Dust's Nathan Brown outlined their plans.

The letter read, "In our particular case, our core team consists of 5 senior developers, with collectively over 50 years of AAA local and international development experience (including programming on the recently released Dead Space 3). Our medium scale PC project has a planned 18 month development cycle, and will require significant local staffing resources during production. We also have interest from talented senior developers who are eager to return to Melbourne and join our project."

He continued, "We would benefit immensely from a pre-production 'seed' investment to produce the materials needed to attract the production investment required to complete the project. Our overall production budget will exceed 1 million AUD (inclusive of a professional marketing plan budget)."

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