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Blizzard reveals Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft a F2P collectors card game

Blizzard taking it easy on their first full F2P outing

Blizzard has announced a new free-to-play collectors card game called Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft.

As the name implies Hearthstone is a battle card game based around the nine heroic classes of World Of Warcraft.

The game will be heading to PAX East in Boston this weekend and will be playable at the Blizzard booth.

Mike Morahime, Blizzard boss said, "We've always loved collectible card games at Blizzard, so it's been exciting to bring everything we love about the genre to life in Hearthstone. We're putting a lot of focus into creating a fun new game that's easy to pick up and play, but also has a lot of depth. We can't wait to share it with everyone."

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