Star Wars: First Assault is a precursor to possible Battlefront III and it may never be released

But not the Battlefront III Free Radical and Slant Six were working on

Another Star Wars game that is reported to be in production, Star Wars: First Assault may never see the light of day.

First Assault was to be a 16-player online FPS released digitally to test the waters for an eventual return of the Battlefront series. The game was to pit eight-man teams of Rebels against eight-man Stortrooper squads on famous battlegrounds like Bespin and Tatooine.

Sources close to LucasArts are suggesting that Star Wars: First Assault may have joined the impressive next-gen title Star Wars 1313 in limbo after LucasFilm was bought up by Disney.

The original report over on Kotaku even has some rather excellent-looking screenshots that evoke some of the better memories of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series.

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