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Raider mech and new map are some of the highlights of the latest Hawken update

Taunts and new camouflage arrive too

Adhesive Games have announced the details of the latest update for their free-to-play mech shooter Hawken and it's a bit of a whopper.

The latest update adds a new map, a new mech and w long list of new features and upgrades for the discerning mech pilot.

Firstly there's the new Raider mech kitted out with the ReFLAK-35 rapid-fire shotgun that uses richochet flechettes, the T32-BOLT chargeable, quick-loading trinity shotgun, Corsair-KLA dual mode MIRV and grenade launcher and the new Blitz ability which allows pilots to fire weapons while boosting.

Then there's the new Facility map which is available to beta test for the moment.

This update also brings a new server browser to allow players to search for games that they want to join in on with clear markings as to what level of play each servers is hosting.

Finally the update adds three new camouflage types, fancy Holo Taunts that appear in front of you mech courtesy of consumable holo pucks (available for either Hawken Credist or Meteor Credits) and normal taunts as well with each mech receiving one for free.

Hawken is currently in open beta and you can sign up for it on the game's official website.

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