Garrett will make his return on next-gen in Thief

Just Thief, not Thief 4, or Thi4f. Just Thief.

Yesterday screenshots appeared of the new Thief title which has been in development at Eidos Montreal for next-gen hardware.

Garrett is back in a deeper, more gothic and richer-looking City than ever before and he's up to his old tricks again. Y'know, stealing from the rich and, well, selling it for a tidy profit. And accidentally getting mixed up in some conspiracy that requires him to save the world, begrudgingly.

The City is not without it's problems though as it is beset by an infectious plague and is ruled by a tyrant called The Baron. Yes, this all sounds a bit like Dishonored but remember that Garrett has been doing his thing since Thief: The Dark Project first graced PCs back in 1998.

Thief is due for an official reveal in April's Game Informer In the meantime, Rock, Paper, Shotgun have the leaked screenshots to feast your eyes on.

E3 Trailer