Platinum Games urges Okami fans to poll Capcom for a full sequel

Fan suggests the Wii U would be an ideal platform and we would agree

In more recent times Capcom has been wringing all they can get out of the original Okami with Wii version and the HD remaster on PSN and even quietly releasing a sequel - Okamiden - on the DS.

Now, the boys at Platinum Games, most of whom worked on Okami when they were at Clover Studios are desperate to make proper sequel to their beautiful PS2 adventure and they want the community's help to make it happen.

Responding to a fan on Twitter who suggested a sequel for the Wii U Platinum's Hideki Kamiya suggested that fans should ask Capcom to make it happen.

The tweet read, "Ask Capcom. RT @ZeldaPrime: WiiU is to good for Okami 2! HD console and big touchscreen controller! Get on making Okami 2, Kamyia-san".

Thanks Nintendo Life.

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