EA cancels Dead Space 4 after poor performance of Dead Space 3

EA close Visceral Montreal as well

EA may have put a halt to pre-production work on Dead Space 4 after the poorer than expected sales of Dead Space 3.

An anonymous source close to the project told VideoGamer that after looking at the sales figures for Dead Space 3 the team at Visceral Montreal doing the pre-production work was told to cease work last month and the studio itself is reported to have been closed by EA.

The source also suggested that development on Dead Space 3 was a bit rocky with Visceral having to ditch the weapon-specific ammunition for generic so that they could add in micro-transactions at the last minute.

Visceral were also instructed to move away from the horror angle to a more action-oriented affair to make the game feel more like Mass Effect.

EA has yet to comment on these reports.

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