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Uncharted 3 multiplayer goes free-to-play

Naughty Dog experiments with freemium

Sony is continuing their experiments in console free-to-play gaming with the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3.

The multiplayer from Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception launches as a free download on PSN today and offers Uncharted fans the chance to play up to level 15 of competitive play completely free of charge.

Players who want to go further will be able to either unlock the level cap as far as level 25 or even remove it completely (bumping it up to level 75) through microtransactions. The game's co-op content, which is the Co-op Arena and Adventure modes are also unlockable from the free version through microtransactions.

For those that don't care for microtransactions there's also the option to buy the full Game Of The Year Edition of Uncharted 3 giving players the full Nathan Drake experience.

Naughty Dog lead game designer Robert Cogburn explains their thinking behind offering Uncharted 3 as a freemium title, "We've looked at some models for other games, though nothing really played too great an influence on us," Cogburn said. "We kind of just broke down the game a la carte. You can get the single-player, or the competitive, or the co-op. Or you can get the 'Game of the Year' edition for all of it. The idea behind trying these different options - or business models, arguably - is we're just trying to see what people might gravitate to. We're going to be keeping a close eye on this and it will be interesting to see what type of model ends up being the most popular."

Thanks Joystiq.

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