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Bohemia announces an Alpha phase for Arma 3 incoming next week

Arma fans invited to participate in the development process

Bohemia Interactive has announced that they will be releasing opening the Alpha test phase of Arma 3 to the public as of next week.

The Alpha phase of testing will begin on March the 5th and will offer limited amounts of playable and sandbox content. It will be updated regularly and will run until the Beta test phase begins at the start of the Summer.

Arma fans will be able to get in on the fun by pre-purchasing either Arma 3 Alpha for 19.99 GBP or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition for 34.99 GBP on Steam. Both versions include access to the Alpha and Beta test versions of the game as the full release version of the game when it arrives in Q3 of this year.

Bohemia's Jay Crowe said, "The Arma 3 Alpha is a big milestone in the project's development. Testing early and often puts us on the right track towards improving performance, stability and delivering on our goal of creating a robust final release. It's also a big opportunity to get the game in the hands of our passionate community, which enables them to start work on their own creations, tailored to the fourth generation of the Real Virtuality engine."

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