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Bleszinski: Signing The Witness for the PS4 was a good move for Sony

Former Epic man likes Sony's new platform's 'gimmicks'

Gears Of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is excited about the possibilities that the PS4 holds and praised Sony for signing Braid developer Jonathan Blow's new title as a timed exclusive.

Writing in his Tumblr Bleszinski was particularly impressed with Sony signing The Witness saying, "Signing Jon Blow's The Witness was a stroke of genius to show that Sony doesn't just care about guns, cars, and explosions. Jon's on his own level design wise and I'm looking forward to his new project. It feels fresh and new and exciting."

Bleszinski was also interested in the new 'Share' function stating he believed it was step in the right direction and definitely the kind of gimmick that could get gamers in the door.

He wrote, "If the hardware is great and the system sound then the biggest deciding factor will be how much each console creator allows the community to take over in an organic fashion. It sounds like the Sharing feature is a great step. The next one? Indie games, mods, user know, the things that the PC is so darned good at.

"I joke that the amount of people I know in the restaurant business these days is 'too damned high' but one of many things I've learned from them is that if you have to resort to gimmicks to get people in the door then you're halfway done already," he concluded.

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