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Mark Cerny reveals his contribution to the PS4 line-up, a platformer called Knack

New platform adventure looks rather epic

As well as being lead system architect for the PS4 Mark Cerny has also been working on a new game for the machine called Knack.

Knack is an 3D platform adventure that follows a creature called Knack (surprise, surprise) that is capable of incorporating relics into his form to allow him to transform from a cute three-foot tall fellow into a "giant wrecking machine" or adopt the characteristics of elements like fire and ice to give him new abilities.

Naturally Knack has to use his unique abilities in order to save the world from an army of evil goblins and an even greater threat from a militant faction within the humans themselves.

Knack is being built using all of the experience that Cerny has gained over the years from working on games like Crash Bandicoot, Jak And Daxter and Ratchet And Clank and, from the reveal trailer, it looks like it could be a pretty entertaining proposition.

Thanks PlayStation Blog Europe.

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