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InFamous: Second Son revealed for PS4 but no Cole this time

New hero to have the power over fire and smoke

Sucker Punch revealed their first game in the InFamous series to not feature the electric-powered hero Cole McGrath. Oh, and it's coming to the PS4.

InFamous: Second Son is set around seven years after the events of InFamous 2 following a rebellious new hero Delsin Rowe. Rowe has the power of fire and smoke which he gained after pulling passengers from a crashed bus.

Unfortuantely, since the events of the first two games the country has become suspicious and fearful of anyone with powers. Such individuals are branded as bio-terrorists and hauled away by the newly created Department Of Unified Protection or DUP for short.

Naturally Rowe and the DUP butt heads and Rowe being not that fond of authority decides he's not going to get carted away like the others.

There's no gameplay footage yet but there is a rather swanky cinematic trailer which was shown at the PS4 reveal last night.

Thanks PlayStation Blog Europe.

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