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Arma 3 to be a Steam exclusive

Exclusivity should guarantee a 2013 release for Bohemia's latest military sim

Bohemia Interactive has announced that the latest entry in their Arma combat simulation series will be a Steam exclusive.

The project lead Joris-Jan van t'Land explained at length on Bohemia's blog that, due to technical issues, making Arma 3 a Steam exclusive was the only way to ensure that they could release the game before the end of 2013.

Marek Spanel, Bohemia's CEO and co-founder added, "As an independent developer, we're constantly evaluating the way we develop, distribute and publish games. Valve made tremendous improvements to their system, which made the installation/update process much more user-friendly - for both developers and customers."

"We realize that some people may find it difficult to migrate to a new platform," he conceded, "especially if they were used to purchasing and playing our games without any external third-party application. We have evaluated the pros and cons, but in the end Steam enables us to release Arma 3, brings massive advantages to the game, and improves the end-user experience. Not to forget, the majority of our players already come from Steam."

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