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Evolution reveals their new game DriveClub

PS4 car game could give Gran Turismo a run for its money

MotorStorm developer Evolution has revealed their ambitious new PS4 title DriveClub.

DriveClub is not just about driving the fastest cars in the hottest locations, its about getting together with friends and facing challenges together.

It will take advantage of the PS4's power and social networking capabilities to provide a completely new experience for petrolheads.

Want to set put out a challenge to other drivers but you're on your way home from work? Just log on with the DriveClub app, pick your car and track, set a time and watch what happens.

Evolution have obsessively modelled some of the most drool-worthy cars in existence using the latest graphics modelling technology to put some perfect cars into the game.

To see what they mean about obsession watch the trailer. It's 30 seconds of exquisitely modelled cars.

E3 Trailer