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Killzone Shadow Fall unveiled for PS4

Fighting the Helghan has never looked so good

Sony wasnt short of high impact action in their live PS4 reveal inviting Guerilla on to unveil their new Killzone game.

Killzone Shadow Fall is a pretty impressive demonstration of what the PS4 means for hardcore gamers.

The explosive demo shows the massive Vekta City in a seamless sequence from a flyover down to walking through a security checkpoint before being caught in a surprise explosion from a Helghan attack.

The action moves quickly through the ruins and back up to the air with the character hanging off a flyer and ending with him jumping off it onto the top of a building and destroying the flyer with a remote C4 charge.

It definitely shows the pace and scope of action gameplay that can come with the power of the PS4.

Snippets of the gameplay video appear in the announcement trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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