PS4 News

Sony paints an ambitious new vision for PlayStation Network

And Gaikai will be the cornerstone of it all

Gaikai boss David Perry has described an intensely ambitious future for PlayStation Network with the PS4 at its heart.

Using Gaikais streaming technology gamers will be able to instantly try games before they buy them on the PlayStation Store and instantly share what they like over social networks.

Sony is partnering with social networks like Facebook and Ustream to integrate PSN more deeply in PS4 users lives as well as merging streaming with social networking.

PS4 gamers will be able to watch their friends gaming exploits in real time, communicate across games and even jump in and help each other out when they are having trouble.

RemotePlay has been completely revamped for the PS4 with players allowing to jump almost seamlessly between playing on their PS4 and playing on their PS Vita.

Gaikai also have plans to bring a full back catalogue to PlayStation titles from the PSOne all the way forward to the PS3 and PlayStation mobile titles streamed and fully playable on any platform.

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