John Romero checks in at Square Enix San Francisco on Facebook


That's right. We're reporting on John Romero's Facebook statuses, or one in particular.

Normally, Facebook check-ins are not big news but this particular one has DOOM co-creator John Romero checking in at Square Enix's San Francisco offices and talking about making a deal.

Romero of course is famous for founding id Software with Tom Hall and John Carmack and giving birth to the FPS genre with Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake but now he plies his trade making social games at Loot Drop, the studio he founded with his new wife Brenda Romero (or Brenda Brathwaite as he used to know her).

He has mused about getting back into more hardcore game development building a new FPS but any comments on what he would be working on with Square Enix would be pure speculation at this point. It is an interesting development though. Watch this space.

Thanks Develop Online.

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