Fans invited to contribute artwork to the Metal Gear Canvas as part of the series' 25th anniversary

5 weeks worth of art competitions planned

Konami has invited fans on the Metal Gear series to contribute artwork to a Metal Gear Canvas as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations for the series.

Using their purpose-build Digital Drawing Board on the Metal Gear Solid website fans can create their own artwork inspired by the Metal Gear series and even share their pieces over social networking sites as well as view and share other's contributions.

The board uses the same tools that series artist Yoji Shinakawa prefers to use including digital brushes, pens and pencils, rulers, masking tape and various inks. Budding artists can log in using Twitter or Facebook and create their own artwork, which will then be voted on by the community.

Each week running up until the 12th of May Konami will be running a different themed competition with Yoji Shinakawa picking the winners beginning with Raiden, then mechs and vehicles, Snake, female characters and finishing with male characters between April 29th and May 12th.

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