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DeNA hoping to prove that FPS games can work on toucscreens with The Drowning

Could The Drowning be the first playable FPS on the iPad?

DeNA's upcoming FPS for iPad and iPhone, The Drowning is hoping to challenge the convention that FPS games don't translate well to touchscreen devices.

In order to try and make The Drowning easily playable on a touchscreen device developer Scattered Games has ditched the clunky virtual controller and replaced it a innovative gesture-based control scheme.

Borrowing heavily from PC-based point and click adventures The Drowning can be controlled using two fingers on one hand using taps and swipes with one finger to navigate combined with pinching and two-finger taps to zoom and shoot.

DeNA's Ben Cousins has even put together a handy little video showing off just how easy they believe the new control system actually is.

The Drowning is a free-to-play title that is due out on iPad and iPhone later this year.

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