Revolution map pack for Black Ops II dated for the end of the month on PS3 and PC

The Xbox 360 timed exclusive deal on CoD DLC continues

PC and PS3 gamers will finally be able to get their hands on the Revolution map pack that 360 Black Ops players have been enjoying come the end of the month.

The Revolution map pack includes four new multiplayer maps, one new Zombies map, a new Zombies game mode Turned allowing players to play as the Zombies and hunt down a single human player and the new Peacekeeper SMG/assault rifle hybrid weapon.

The new maps include Hydro which is set at a hydro-electric dam and features a periodically flooding sluice, Grind which is set in a Venice Beach skate park, Downhill which is set at a ski lodge and has a fully working ski lift system and Mirage which is set in a luxury resort that has been all but swallowed by a Gobi desert sandstorm.

The new Zombies map is called Die Rise and is set in a dilapidated pair of skyscrapers in the Far East.

Revolution hits PlayStation 3 and PC to download on February the 28th.

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