Making triple-A for free-to-play is our goal says Crytek boss

Crysis developer waiting to see what happens with F2P on consoles

Crytek boss Cervat Yerli has revealed the developers lofty ambitions as they transition to being a free-to-play developer.

Using their Gface platform and first title CryEngine 3-powered FPS Warface as foundations Crytek are hoping that they can become a dominant force in free-to-play gaming for hardcore gamers.

Yerli began, "We decided five or six years ago that we want to marry the quality of triple-A games with the business model of free-to-play. And out of that position, Gface and [upcoming F2P shooter] Warface were born. And at that time, we decided some other games, in some of our other studios, would head in this direction."

"But we kept pushing the quality bar higher on our console business, which is the main dominating business for the Western world, but we are observing, plainly - and we see this already with Warface - that the free-to-play market is on the rise."

"I think over the next two to three years, free-to-play is going to rival retail with quality games like Warface," he continued. "We have quite a few console titles in our pipeline that are [traditional retail games] while we investigate free-to-play on consoles but our primary goal is to make triple-A free-to-play games for the world market and transition entirely to that. "

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