David Cage outlines his plan to help the games industry grow up

Heavy Rain lambasts the press for lack of true criticism

The creative force behind Quantic Dream, David cage stood up at DICE this year to encourage the games industry to grow up.

In his keynote to this year's conference Cage outlined his nine-point plan to drag the industry out of what he called its "Peter Pan syndrome" explaining that the technology may have changed but games still essentially focus on "kill people before they kill you."

He called for developers to start making games for older audiences, games with more meaning, games that move away from the standard paradigms and explore new ground and games that exercise minds rather than thumbs.

Cage also made another crucial point and that's about the roles that the games press and the gamers themselves have to play in the industry's growth. He was heavily critical of the press saying that they just don't do any actual criticism and they need to start.

Of the gamers he was pretty critical too. He said, "Buy crap and you will get more crap. Buy risky, ambitious games and you will get more of them. So buying games is also a responsibility."


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