Double Fine Adventure console version to be exclusive to the Ouya

Double Fine's Kickstarer project will still appear on other platforms outside the console market though

That's right. Double Fine have made a deal to make sure that the Ouya is the only console that their extremely successful Kickstarter project Double Fine Adventure will appear on.

This isn't the only Double Fine title which will be appearing on the Ouya. Ron Gilbert's first Double Fine game The Cave and their upcoming title Reds will also make an appearance on the new Android-based console due out in June.

The Double Fine Adventure managed to raise over 3 million USD on Kickstarter and began an avalanche of developers turning to the crowd sourcing platform to fund projects from Obsidian to Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts and even Frontier for Elite: Dangerous.

It will still appear on Steam for Mac and PC as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Thanks Kotaku.

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