Grand Theft Auto V a showpiece for the UK games industry says TIGA

TIGA hoping GTA V will spark a new boom in the UK's games industry

Trade association for the UK games industry TIGA is extremely excited about Grand Theft Auto V because of what it can do for the British games industry.

TIGA believes that the latest entry in the Edinburgh-developed powerhouse franchise will shine a spotlight on the kind of talent that exists in the UK games industry and help to kindle a renaissance after the slew of high profile closures in recent years.

Another fortunate side-effect of the release of GTA V will be a demonstration of the kind of money that a thriving games industry could inject into the UK economy highlighting the importance of getting the UK's tax relief policy just right.

TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson said, "GTA5 is one of those titles that gets everyone very excited and shines a light on the UK video games industry. It shows the world that the UK has the creativity and talent to make great games. It shows the economic potential of the game development sector. It generates interest in the achievement and potential of other studios throughout the UK."

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