Straight Linux development not worth the effort yet says Carmack

Would use emulation to port games to Steam for Linux

The technical mastermind behind id Software, John Carmack is not totally sold on developing games directly for Linux yet.

Based on his experiences of working on Linux ports of Quake III Arena and Quake Live Carmack believes that Linux development makes no business sense as yet and prefers emulation rather than straight development at the moment.

He explained, "If you fervently believe that there is an actual business case to be made for Linux ports, you can make a business offer to a publisher offer a guarantee and be willing to do the work and support. This is what Aspyr does for the Mac, and what Loki did for Linux. However, you probably cant even get an email returned if you are offering less than six figures to a top ten publisher. This may sound ridiculous 'Who would turn away 20,000 USD?' - but the reality is that many of the same legal, financial, executive, and support resources need to be brought to bear on every single deal, regardless of size, and taking time away from something that is in the tens of millions of dollars range is often not justifiable."

And because of this Carmack reckons that emulation will be the most cost-effective way to develop for Linux and he believes that it is the best way forward for Steam on Linux.

Thanks Develop Online.

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