St Pierre DLC arrives for Sniper Elite V2

Disrupt the Nazis' counter-attack on the Western Front with new DLC

Today sees the release of the latest pack of downloadable content for Rebellion's WWII stealth action title, Sniper Elite V2.

The St Pierre DLC gives players the opportunity to disrupt the Germans' reinforcement efforts by locating and taking out General Rodenbrecht, leader of the Western Front counter-attacking forces.

The action takes place in and around the French village of St Pierre while player track down Rodenbrecht and the DLC also adds some useful new weaponry in the form of the Lee Enfield No 3 rifle which fires .303 rounds and the M1D Garand semi-automatic rifle.

The St Pierre DLC is available form today on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network for 400 MS Points or 3.99 GBP (4.99 USD) respectively.

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