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Hunted Cow reveals first footage of their MMORPG Eldevin

Now accepting beta registrations

Elgin-based developer Hunted Cow has revealed the first footage of their new MMORPG Eldevin.

After 8 years and around 1 million GBP of investment Hunted Cow is finally ready to show the first bit of footage of Eldevin off to the gaming public in the form of a teaser trailer.

Set in a corrupt fantasy world teetering on the brink of war, Eldevin promises over 100 hours of story-driven gameplay. Eldevin is also a browser-based game designed to run on anything from a netbook upwards running any OS from Linux to Mac OS to Windows.

Hunted Cow studio head, John Stewart said, "Eldevin is our flagship project. We're a small indie developer but we've been working on this game for the best part of eight years now. It incorporates everything we've learned from our previous games, such as Fallen Sword and Gothador, but adds a wide range of innovations and ideas we believe take the genre in a number of new directions. As huge MMO fans ourselves, our goal was simple to build the best massively multiplayer online role playing game on the market. We're incredibly proud of what we've accomplished and we're ready to find out what players think of the game. We want to see everyone in-game for the closed beta test in March 2013, which will be followed closely by the open beta and full game launch."

As the man said beta testing for Eldevin begins in March and you can sign up for it over on the game's official website.

E3 Trailer