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TERA gets a free-to-play launch date

Free-to-play options go live at the beginning for February

Gameforge has announced a date for TERA to switch over to free-to-play in Europe.

TERA will offer two different standard account types after the free-to-play switch. Veteran will be open only to those that have paid for TERA in the past and Free User will be open for anyone else who signs up to play the game after the free-to-play switch.

Veteran users will enjoy benefits over and above the full access to the game's content, races, classes, equipment and items that are available to the Free User account holders.

There will also be a TERA Club account which offers extra bonuses for a monthly fee including a special mount and special daily scrolls that offer bonuses to things like increases to experience points or gold gained or summoning merchants.

The TERA Club subscription will cost 12.95 EUR per month, 34.95 EUR for three months or 119.98 EUR for a year.

TERA launches as a free-to-play title from February the 5th.

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