Former Vigil team hired by Crytek to form a US studio

Still no home for Darksiders though

Crytek has pounced on the former developers at Vigil Games and hired a large number of them to form a new studio.

Crytek USA will be formed from the 36 core members of Vigil Games' team in the wake of the studio not finding a buyer in the THQ asset sale.

Vigil GM David Adams will head up the new studio and said, "I'm thrilled to be a part of the newest Crytek studio, which will boast some of the brightest development talent in the industry. The studio's launch represents Crytek's commitment to delivering diverse and high quality content to players everywhere."

While Crytek has given the Vigil staff a new home they will not be adopting their former studio's Darksiders IP.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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