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New update arrives for Ghost Recon Online

New map and game mode introduced

Ubisoft has released a brand new update for Ghost Recon Online that brings a nifty bunch of additions to the game.

The new update includes a new game mode, map and Clan matches to boot released to coincide with the launch of a new gear pack the Tritton pack which includes a selection of naval-themed upgrades, weapons, armours and avatars.

The new Holdout mode forces teams to battle over a single capture point in the middle of the game map creating a whole new tactical situation for Ghost Recon players. To complement this is the compact and symmetrical Balaklava Sub Pen map which offers a great array of strategic options for players new and old.

The new Clan matches feature allows clans to team up, select a map and send out challenges to rival clans and prove their prowess.

GRO producer Theo Sanders said, "We're really excited about the 0.10.0 update. The Holdout mode and the Balaklava Sub Pen map offer new tactical challenges and experiences to the community, and decking out your Ghost in the new Triton gear makes them look awesome. We're also keeping our promise to the community with the introduction of the Clan Match feature. Fighting alongside your clan mates and friends, challenging another clan; social competition is such an integral part of the GRO experience, and this feature goes a long way towards fueling this experience."

Ubisoft has also put together a new trailer to outline the update and the Tritton pack.

E3 Trailer