Cross platform features announced for PS Vita version of Dead Or Alive 5

Dead Or Alive 5 to get full Cross-Play support and more for Vita and PS3

Tecmo Koei has revealed how they will be taking advantage of the PS Vita's cross platform functionality with Dead Or Alive 5 Plus.

First off there will be full cross-platform play between PS3 and PS Vita with the game running at full 60fps on both platforms which is rather impressive.

All downloadable content released for Dead Or Alive 5 will be Cross-Buy enabled so players don't need to pay twice for it if they have the game on both PS3 and PS Vita.

Dead Or Alive 5 will also transfer of savegames so any progress made playing on the PS Vita will be transferred onto the PS3 version for those that have the game on both platforms.

Dead Or Alive 5 Plus will be released on the PS Vita on March the 22nd.

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