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Warface closed beta starts today

Crytek's first free-to-play effort finally begins beta testing for Europe and North America

Today marks the beginning of closed beta testing for Crytek's CryEngine 3-powered free-to-play FPS Warface for Europe and North America.

With Warface Crytek bring their trademark visuals and fast-paced FPS gameplay from Crysis to the PC free-to-play market. Warface has already seen success in Russia and the Far East and now Western gamers are close to getting a taste of the action too.

Crytek's Dirk Metzger said, "Trion Worlds and Crytek have been working closely to bring Warface to Western players looking for a first-person shooter with striking graphical detail and unsurpassed gameplay - for free. We look forward to making the experience even more engaging as waves of pre-registered players are invited to join the Closed Beta and play their part in shaping Warface ahead of its final launch."

The closed beta goes live from 5 pm GMT today and will run until Warface goes fully live later in the spring. To sign up for the beta head over to the official Warface website.

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