Deathmatch Made In Heaven DLC for Max Payne 3 due out next week

Final pack to add new multiplayer modes

Rockstar has announced a release date for the next pack of downloadable content for Max Payne 3.

Deathmatch Made In Heaven will be the final bundle of DLC that Rockstar will launch and they are promising it will be good.

Full details will be released soon but it will be filled with new co-op and competitive modes as well as other goodies to round off the Max Payne 3 multiplayer experience quite nicely.

Deathmatch Made in Heaven will be available on Xbox Live and PC world wide as well as North American PSN on January the 22nd with the Europen PSN release coming a week later on January the 30th. It will cost 7.29 GBP on PC and PS3 and 800 MS Points on 360.

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