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Homosexual relationships arrive in Star Wars: The Old Republic... on one planet... as paid DLC

Not quite what fans had in mind

BioWare has come good on their promise to bring homosexual relationships to Star Wars: The Old Republic but it's not quite what gamers had in mind.

Gay relationships are now possible in SWTOR but they are only available on the planet Makeb which itself is only available if players buy the Rise Of The Hutt Cartel expansion.

BioWare's reasons for the restrictions are that they had to create 40 romanceable gay characters and in their addition comes as part of the Rise Of The Hutt Cartel DLC because the game's based-code isn't particularly gay friendly.

The game's community has expressed its disappointment at the decision to push the gay-friendly elements of the game to Makeb. Hopefully this is something that they can remedy in the future.

Thanks PCGamesN.

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