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ArenaNet promises big things for Guild Wars 2 in 2013

Guild Wars 2 director promises big things soon

ArenaNet has released a whole bunch of details on what they are planning for Guild Wars 2 over the next few months.

Beginning with a video from the game's director Colin Johanson outlining what they have in the works for the months ahead and followed by a very detailed blog post ArenaNet are seeking to build on the momentum that has seen Guild Wars 2 sell 3 million copies world wide.

First of all there will be new events like the Halloween, Lost Shores and Wintersday events that they ran last year, more content, expanded rewards systems, big additions to WvW and PvP and a whole bunch of other stuff like leaderboards on the website and more.

In short, if you thought Guild Wars 2 was good last year, in 2013 ArenaNet are hoping to make it even better.

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