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TERA to go free-to-play next month

Korean MMO stretches the free-to-play options to Europe

Gameforge has announced that Bluehole Studio's popular MMO TERA will go free-to-play as of February.

All of TERA's content will be available to play for free and anyone who bought the game and paid the subscription will receive veteran status which will afford them more character slots, all the safe deposits and even a special in-game title over standard f2p players whether they continue to pay a subscription or not.

Anyone with an active subscription of wishing to pay that little bit extra will join the TERA Club and get bonuses like shorter cooldown periods, bigger experience point yields and epic mounts.

In celebration of the switch to free-to-play, Bluehole are launching a brand new dungeon and a new arena which features three-on-three PvP battles.

For more information head over to TERA's official website.

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