GameStick Android console makes its Kickstarter goal, announces stretch goals

More colours to be available if Gamestick beats its stretch goals

The exceptionally small Android home console, the GameStick has managed to meet its Kickstarter goal meaning the console will go into production.

Seeing as it has made its initial 100,000 USD goal PlayJam, the console's makers, have decided to announce some stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign to encourage more backers to invest.

Should GameStick manage to raise 320,000 USD it will be released in black and white models and 450,000 USD will see a third colour released as well. The third colour will be chosen by fans on GameStick's official Facebook page.

PlayJam's CMO Anthony Johnson said, "We have been inundated with messages of support and suggestions on how to improve GameStick from both the gamers and developers worldwide who backed our project. Being at the pre-production phase, we have been able to incorporate a lot of these ideas into our roadmap. We were not prepared for that level of input but it has been fantastic."

"Kickstarter is proving to be a wild ride for the team behind GameStick. Hitting our original target so early goes to show appetite out there for continued innovation around affordable gaming on the big screen. We want to see how far we can go with this and hope that all those who have pledged will help spread the word to see just how far we can go!" he added.

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