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First Call Of Duty: Black Ops II map pack due on 360 at the end of the month

Revolution to be the first COD map pack to add a new weapon

Activision has announced details and a release date for the first map pack to be released for Black Ops II.

Revolution continues the tradition of being a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 and features four new maps for the standard multiplayer modes, one new map and one new game mode for the Zombies co-op and a brand new weapon, a SMG/assault rifle hybrid called the Peacekeeper.

The multiplayer maps include Hydro - set on a hydro-electric dam with a flooding sluice, Downhill - set in the French Alps around a ski lodge with plenty of sniping spots and a running ski lift, Grind - set in a Venice Beach skate park and Mirage - an abandoned resort on the Chinese edge of the Gobi desert which has been engulfed by a sand storm.

The additions to the Zombies mode include the new vertically themed Die Rise map set in a series of dilapidated sky scrapers in the Far East and the new Turned play mode which allows players to play as zombies hunting a lone human player.

Revolution hits Xbox Live on January the 29th for 1200 MS Points. Details of the PC and PS3 releases will follow soon.

Thanks Joystiq.

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