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Valve Steam Box hardware rumours begin to circulate again

Valve-developed console form factor PC looking more and more like a reality

Rumblings have begun again over the possibility of Valve developing their own home 'console'.

There has been plenty of a talk of them developing a Steambox that would sit underneath the TV and allow PC gamers to get that home console experience from their Steam library.

Of course Big Picture mode for Steam has been a great step in this process allowing PC gamers to dust off their gamepads and play gamepad-enabled titles on their big screen TVs as well as surf the internet with a new controller-optimised web browser.

A German website, Golem, is claiming to have heard Ben Krasnow, mechanical and electrical enginer for Valve state that they have something in the pipline that will run on a Linux-based OS.

This does fit with Gabe Newell's comments on the Windows 8 and its new tile interface calling it a "catastrophe" for PC gaming.

Thanks Develop Online.

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