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Elite: Dangerous makes its Kickstarter goal with a day to spare

Elite return is finally on the cards

Those waiting for a sequel to the seminal space privateering game Elite will be able to breathe a sigh of relief today as Elite: Dangerous managed to make it's Kickstarter goal.

David Braben, Elite creator's studio Frontier were looking to raise a whopping 1.25 Million GBP on Kickstarter to help fund development of the game and they have managed to make their goal today with just over a day and a half left till the end of their campaign.

The game has currently raised 1,282,323 GBP from 21,736 backers which enables Frontier to begin full development on the eagerly awaited sequel.

With a little bit of time left Frontier has revealed a couple of stretch goals to encourage more backers to sign up in the final 37 hours. If they raise 1.4 million GBP they will be able to develop a Mac version of the game and if they hit 1.5 million GBP they will add a further 10 playable ships.

Thanks Develop Online.

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