Ubisoft in the running for THQ purchase

French publisher could re-acquire former Montreal staff including Patrice Desilets

It appears the French publishing giant Ubisoft is one of the main contenders for purchasing THQ's studios and IPs.

Reports are suggesting that Ubisoft is very keen to get their hands on at least some of THQ's studios and intellectual properties in the wake of the stricken US publisher filing for bankruptcy.

THQ currently owns an impressive crop of talented studios like Relic, Vigil and Volition as well as their Montreal super-studio which currently employs a number of former Ubisoft Montreal employees including Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Desilets.

As well as owning IPs like Homefront, Company Of Heroes and Saints Row, it also holds the licenses for both the Warhammer 40K and WWE franchises which have both proven lucrative in the past.

Whether or not Ubisoft succeeds in their bid will probably not be known until the new year but hopefully whoever succeeds in picking up THQ's assets will be able to save as many jobs as possible.

Thanks MCV.

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