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Patch 1.05 and Abandoned Territories DLC arrive tomorrow for The Last Of Us

Season Pass for The Last Of Us will be a limited-time offer

The first pack of downloadable content is due to arrive for The Last Of Us along with a new patch.

Patch 1.05 will include a load of gameplay fixes for the main multiplayer as well as Interrogation mode. There's also some technical fixes and a few visual tweaks for the single player.

The Abandoned Territories DLC will bring three new multiplayer maps to the game – Suburbs, Bus Depot and Hometown – all set in locations that have been long-abandoned by what is left of civilisation.

The Abandoned Territories Pack will cost 7.99 GBP/9.99 USD and is also available as part of the Season Pass which is available for a limited time only at 15.99 GBP/19.99 USD. More information including detailed patch notes is available over on the PlayStation European Blog.

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