Raptr names Borderlands 2 as most played new game of 2012

Gearbox's popular sequel also nets the No Bathroom Break award

Gamer's social networking site Raptr has named Gearbox's all-conquering sequel, Borderlands 2 as the most played new game of 2012.

Raptr allows gamers to link their PSN, Xbox Live and Steam accounts together and keeps track of all their achievements/trophies and play time for every game they play on these platforms.

Borderlands 2 was played 200 percent more that its nearest rival which was Diablo III. It also snagged the No Bathroom Break award. Elsewhere Portal 2 saw the biggest boost from user-generated content with its Perpetual Testing Initiative, MW3 took Most Played Game and Minecraft was the most played game on XBLA.

Star Wars: The Old Republic saw the biggest boost from making the switch from subscription to free-to-play and, probably most interestingly Dragon's Dogma pipped Dishonored for the Most Played New IP.

Thanks MCV.

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