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25th anniversary celebrations for Mega Man get under way with the launch of Street Fighter X Mega Man

Fan made game marks the beginning of a year's worth of festivities for the Blue Bomber

Today marks the beginning of a year's worth of festivities Capcom has planned to celebrate the 25th birthday of their iconic little blue hero Mega Man.

The first action of the celebration is the free release of the fan-developed PC title Street Fighter X Mega Man which was created by Singapore-native Seow Zong Hui with support and direction from Capcom. The game features eight Street Fighter-themed levels each with its own boss inspired by Street Fighter's character roster.

Starting on December the 27th Capcom will also be beginning the staggered release of the original Mega Man titles one through to six on the 3DS. After Mega Man's Christmas release the rest of the titles will be available throughout 2013.

Street Fighter X Capcom is available to download on the PC from today on the Capcom Unity community website.

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