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Resident Evil 6 set to infect PCs in a couple of months time

RE6 won't arrive on PC until March

Capcom has finally given a release date for the PC version of Resident Evil 6 and it seems like it will be almost six months after the console release.

The PC version will launch with all the features that are currently available to console gamers including the newly unlocked access to the Ada Wong campaign and No Hope difficulty level. It will also launch with full Steamworks support giving PC players access to Steam Cloud saves, Achievements, auto-updating, Friends support, game overlay and Steam leaderboards.

Capcom also announced the details of a new free title update to arrive for the console versions on the 22nd of January. This will include improvements to the online Agent Hunt mode unlocking it for players who haven't completed any of the campaigns yet and opening up the criteria for joining a session including Stage selection, Region selection and based on campaign settings like friendly fire and infinite ammo.

The new update will also make improvements to the QTE assist function on Amateur difficulty and refinements to the difficulty levels in certain sections of the game to improve playability.

Resident Evil 6 will launch for PC on March the 22nd both digitally and at retail in Europe and North America.

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