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Naughty Dog refuses to push Ellie to the back of The Last Of Us boxart

Uncharted refuses to feed the idea that male heroes on the cover helps sell more games

Naughty Dog has stated that they refused suggestions to remove Ellie, the main female character in The Last Of Us from the game's box artwork.

The Last Of Us creative director Neil Druckmann confessed in a recent interview that there had been discussions about the prominence of Ellie on the cover of the game box and the possibility of pushing her to the back in favour of the male main character Joel.

The voice of Ellie, Ashley Johnson also weighed in on the conversation. She began, "I feel like they don't put women on the covers because they're afraid that it won't sell. It's all gamers really know - and I don't want to be sexist by any means - but I get the feeling, generally, that they think game's won't sell as well with a woman on the cover, compared to some badass dude on the front."

"I agree with what Ashley said," Druckmann added. "I believe there's a misconception that if you put a girl or a woman on the cover, the game will sell less. I know I've been in discussions where we've been asked to push Ellie to the back and everyone at Naughty Dog just flat-out refused."

The Last Of Us is due to be released on PS3 on May 7th in the US and most probably May the 10th in Europe.

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