Danish dev to bring Space Hulk back next year

Space Hulk coming to PC, Mac and iOS

Copenhagen-based developer Full Control has revealed that they have secured the license for making a new game based on the Games Workshop's Space Hulk table top game.

The new 3D turn-based strategy game is based on the Sin Of Damnation 3rd edition of the table top game and brings back the tense combat between Terminator armoured Space Marines and Tyranid Genestealers in the confined spaces of colossal derelict spacecraft.

Space Hulk will feature a 12 mission campaign that can be played either in single player or in co-operative multiplayer online. It will also feature a competitive multiplayer that will allow players to choose either Space Marines or Genestealers and go head to head.

There will also be a comprehensive level editor allowing players to create and share their own levels offering up their own tactical challenges for others to crack.

Space Hulk will be out as a download for PC, Mac and iOS platforms in 2013.

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